Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Apple Adventure VBS 2011

I LOVE to decorate for VBS!  Sadly, I don't usually do anything small.  I think because I got saved at VBS as a child.  At that time my family didn't go to church.  A family friend had invited me to go.  I still have fond memories of what the church looked like decorated, the crafts we did and the guest speaker who was an x-hobo and what he spoke about the night I gave my life to Jesus.  All of my heart goes into the prep for VBS and prayer that Jesus will change a child's life forever during that week! 
I really enjoy looking at other people's ideas and get a glimpse into their creative process so I thought maybe there is someone else there who enjoys that too so I'm going to share.  I used foam insulation board to create our city scape.  I started out w/ a VERY rough idea and used a hot knife to cut the board then began painting.  Once the outline was done I added some dimension with a different color in the middle and then cut a rectangle out of a sponge and painted "the lights" in each building.  My husband helped me put all the different pieces of insulation board together using skewers.  There are three different sizes cut from the boards to create each row of the skyline.  The taxi cab is made from a yellow tri-fold project board we found at Hobby Lobby.  I cut the taxi out using the edge to make the tires flat so it could stand on it's own.  Then I added the taxi sign by using two pieces of paper and sandwiching toothpicks in between then sticking it inside the top.  


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Susie said...

You have such great ideas for this themed VBS! I love that you used all the color on your buildings. The VBS "decorating guide" suggested painting all the building black. I think you have a much better idea. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I'm down to the wire on my own VBS decorating. You have given me new energy for my last big push. Thanks again.