Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our trip to KY

August 2008

Michael had to go to Ft. Knox on a work trip so Meara and I met him up there. We spent a week with him exploring KY. I really like outdoor hiking type activities. Where we live there aren't a whole lot of places to do that. Fortunately, we found a couple of really great places to visit.

The Science Museum in Louisville, KY

There was a dinosaur in the parking lot that we had to take a picture with. This was our BEST dinosaur roar.

Meara thought it was neat to meet a man who looked like Abraham Lincoln!
My brave little girl's first time riding the ferris wheel. Everytime I have attempted to get her to go in the past have failed. She and I spent the day at the KY State Fair where she saw the giant ferris wheel and asked if she could ride. She really enjoyed it.

This was a lot of fun for Meara...Mike and I too! She really likes Abraham Lincoln. We have been talking about money for a while and teaching her to recognize coins and bills. We have talked about the presidents on each piece. Out of all of them Abraham Lincoln sticks out in her mind. She can look at a picture of him and tell you who he is with out a second thought.

What a beautiful place. Inside the building below is a replica of Lincoln's childhood log cabin home. Off to the left of the staircase is an underground spring. There are steps that lead down to hole in the ground to view the spring where the temperature is about ten degrees cooler.

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