Thursday, October 22, 2009

Number Matching

October 22, 2009

We like to have the lights off in our learning room/classroom as long as there is enough light. We save on electricity and it's FUN!! So, I apologize if it's a little hard to see the pictures. A while ago, I found these incredible
number cards that Jolanthe made at Homeschool Creations. The set includes numbers, roman numerals, dots, and number words. We laminated them to last longer. Meara LOVES to ring a service bell. Today, we pulled out our magnets, cards, cookie sheet, and the service bell. She practiced counting the dotted cards, reading the number cards and matching the correct magnet number on the cookie sheet. If she got it wrong I made a buzzer sound (which she found very amusing). If she got it right she was able to ring the service bell herself (which she also found very amusing).

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Mama King said...

The girls enjoy using magnets and cookie sheets. I like the game you came up with. We even have a service bell! We'll simplify it a bit for younger kids. Thanks for the idea!