Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fruits and Vegetables

April 7, 2009
We're back...we took a break for a little while. We had family visit and so much going on but now we are back in the swing of things. I just went to a curriculum fair on friday and bought almost all of Meara's kindergarten curriculum for the fall. We are so EXCITED!!

Meara is a picky eater just like I was when I was growing up. The only vegetables she likes to eat are carrots, lettuce and celery. The rest takes some persuading her to eat. I found this great reward chart that we have started to use this week as incintive. http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/reward-charts/fruit-and-veg-reward-chart-new.php
She likes to seperate food groups out using her play food. I made some food group cards...since we are talking about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables we only used those two.
I found this free website that is a worksheet generator. You can use it to create matching, crossword, word search, bingo games, dice etc... I used it to make a matching worksheet for fruits and vegetables. http://www.toolsforeducators..com I am trying to think of a game that I could use the dice.


SomerJane said...

Awesome that you found that found reward chart for MEARA!! I know that will help her a bit to start eating more...hope it helps at least! I know it can be stressful to get her to eat but hang in there and just stay positive!
I think she has come around alittle since Ive known her...I mean she ate a hotdog for the first time at my house, C'MON!! ha ha (I know its not the best thing, but every kid needs a hotdog! ha)
Just kidding!
I like the Vegetable print-outs you made and how you get her to distinguish between them...pretty good lesson!

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Hi! I just followed your link from Mama King's giveaway - Congrats!
This looks like a great lesson. It is always a bit of a challenge to work with my kinds on understanding the difference between healthy & unhealthy food choices. They have a different understanding of what it means for a food to be "good for me!" B/C of course McDonalds is good for them;)