Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Yeah!! I am so EXCITED to get my first award! Thank you Debbie at Our Cup of Tea.

Here are my ten things that make me happy(thankfully I have way more than ten).

1. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ who proves to me over and over that I don't have to fear anything. He is always there for me and has proven it more times than I can count or probably even know. His blessings blow me away because I know I don't deserve them.

2. Feeling my husband's arms around me and hearing him say, "I love you"! He IS my gift from God and my best friend. After ten years, I am more in love with him with each day that passes.

3. Listening to my sweet daughter laugh and see her face light up when she's happy.

4. Crafting...I LOVE to craft! (my crafting blog, Inspired Artistry)

5. Reading books and other people's blogs

6. Going on field trips with my husband and daughter to museums, historical sites, hiking, festivals etc...


8. Snuggling with my daughter in the morning when she wakes up talking, laughing, tickling and singing.

9. Watching my husband chase our daughter around the house, wrestle, and play hide and seek before bedtime every night.

10. My husband and I sitting so close to each other on the couch that we meld into one person watching tv.

Here are five blogs I want to pass this award on to, I LOVE reading your blogs!

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Casa Camacho

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The Peterson Party


Peterson Party said...

Thank you! I will post my 10 later this week :)

Peterson Party said...

Ok, I blogged! Thanks again :)

SomerJane at Daisys and Diggers Blog said...

I loved reading your top 10 things!
I really loved the one of you the hubby melding into one on the couch....AWLLLL!! That makes my heart smile for you guys!

Jen said...

What a great award! Congratulations! I love your list, too. :)

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