Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rabbit With Foot-long Ears!

April 1, 2010

"This little bunny will last for years. He is so cute, with foot-long ears!"

white paint
two wiggly eyes
white pipe cleaners
12x12 paper
black pen
white crayon
white paper plate

Cut the center out of a paper plate and paste onto paper. Then, paint the bottom of your child's foot and press above circle onto paper. Use crayon to draw around each foot to make ears. Glue wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and pom-pom down. Add eyelashes, dots, mouth and teeth. Trace around entire image for outline. Cut down to size.


4kids1mom said...

super cute - may have to do this with my daycare group! thanks for the terrific idea!!

SomerJane at Daisys and Diggers Blog said...

This is a cute rabbit! I love the pic of you holding her foot its absolutely perfect with her in the background smiling! Too cute!
Great job on the bunny craft guys!