Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Kissing Hand and more apples

September 9, 2009

We are continuing with our apple theme but this week we added The Kissing Hand book. Here are some of the things we did today.

We talk about money everyday and recite these poems.

The Penny
Penny, penny, easily spent Copper brown and worth one cent.

The Nickel
Nickel, nickel, thick and fat, You're worth five cents. I know that.

The Dime
Dime, dime, little and thin, I remember, You're worth ten.

The Quarter
Quarter, quarter big and bold, You're worth twenty-five I am told!

You can find this apple stamp book here.

We are reading The Kissing Hand this week. These are some of the activities we have done with it.
I found these really cute raccoon Uno cards to print out yourself. You can find them here.

In the book the mom kisses Chester's hand and in turn he kisses hers. We decided to depict that with our hands.


BranFlakes said...

That card holder is awesome!! Where did you get it?

Heather said...

We found it at Walmart. It has been so useful!