Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Learning Room

September 1, 2009

This is our "learning room". I LOVE that someone else called their room that so we have adopted that term. We have two stuffed handmade planets and a HUGE space shuttle hanging from the ceiling. The hutch we inherited has made accommodating storage space for us. We also turned our bookcases on their sides to make everything more accessible for our kindgergartner. I think it's really important to have at least one real piece of art, we chose a piece my cousin painted to give us inspiration(it reminds us of home).

I found this chain with hooks at a yard sale. I thought it would be perfect for hanging our puppets. We are using an old microwave cart for storage also. It's great for storing the water tub and toys where Meara can easily take them out and put them away with little assistance. We also have our FAVORITE thing sitting on top...my old record player and records from when I was her age.

Our art display area (piece of burlap rope tied to the banister) and storage. The basket houses our musical insturments and the green and yellow containers hold our legos.

Our morning routine wall with the reminder of love...our family tree with everyone's handprints.


~Bobbi~ said...

I need an extra room! This is awesome.

Julie said...

I love your learning room!!

sunnykim said...

Your learning room is beautiful, Heather! The puppets hanging on the chain and the bookcase sideways are my faves!